Gist develops, creates, and advises on innovative technology solutions for enterprises. We enable our clients to unlock value in their existing systems, improve productivity, evolve their business, and create extraordinary brand experiences for their customers, employees, and partners.


Our award-winning team combines thought leadership and years of innovation and domain expertise across multiple technologies and platforms.


  • Dylan St. John-Foster

    Founder | CEO
  • Abhi Patwardhan

    Founder | CTO
  • Robert Golia

    COO | CFO
  • Dan Gilliam

    VP Mobile
  • Kelly Matthews

    VP Design
  • Teco Bonner

    VP Development
  • Dylan St. John-Foster

    Founder | CEO
  • Abhi Patwardhan

    Founder | CTO
  • Robert Golia

    COO | CFO
  • Dan Gilliam

    VP Mobile
  • Kelly Matthews

    VP Design
  • Teco Bonner

    VP Development

Dylan is CEO of Gist where his attention is focused on helping enterprises build a better mobile world. Since May 2012, Dylan has driven the firm's growth to a full service development company operating out of New York, DC and India.

With more than 2 years business experience and 16 years in technology, Dylan carries a broad understanding of technology and how it relates to businesses across multiple industries. In the past 5 years Dylan has consulted several technology startups.

Prior to founding Gist, Dylan held several management positions at Cisco Systems. Dylan started his career with Cisco in Amsterdam in 1999 where he was instrumental in the early adoption of technologies such as Webex and Salesforce. During his tenure with Cisco, Dylan was responsible for building Cisco’s world-wide inside sales model resulting in a $1bn+ business today.
In 2005, Dylan relocated to NYC where he took on the leadership of Cisco’s Small Business Segment in the East which he grew from $150m to $275m.

Prior to Cisco systems, Dylan was a Global Sales Manager for ABN AMRO Lease Holding with accounts such as of Sony Music, Johnson Controls, Pfizer, McCormick.

Abhi is CTO of Gist where he spearheads the company’s technology operations. Based in Gist’s DC office, he is responsible for defining and shaping the company’s core technology disciplines, including, strategy, planning, user experience, product management and technology.

With more than 16 years experience in technology Abhi is considered a thought leader in enterprise mobility. As an early adopter of the iPhone SDK in early 2008, Abhi worked directly with Apple to produce app #3 on the App Store. Over the last 6 years Abhi has been responsible for the launch of over 330 mobile applications and several technology and infrastructure platforms in virtually every category.

Prior to Gist, Abhi was the Director of Mobile Product Development at USAToday/Gannett supporting 76 newspapers and 23 broadcasting stations nationwide. Prior to that, Abhi spent a decade at AOL Inc. As the Development Manager for Mac and iPhone Applications, Abhi launched several award winning applications for the iPhone, including AIM and AOL Radio. AIM was app #3 on the Apple App Store when it launched in 2008. Abhi played a key role in the strategic direction of AOL’s product set. His applications combined, have been downloaded more than 50 million times.

As the company’s COO & CFO, Robert oversees all aspects of operations and planning. Robert enjoys working with Gist’s clients and their executive team to drive growth and great work. Since joining the company, late 2013, Robert has played a key role in the growth and development of Gist.

Robert Golia’s 27-year career spans a range of retail, wholesale and manufacturing, with responsibilities for both domestic and international footprints. He has extensive experience building and aligning organizations to achieve profitability and excellence. Leveraging business technology, and financial expertise to grow revenue, streamline operations, reduce costs and facilitate growth. His diverse industry experience spans a small domestic $9 million start-up to global organizations in entertainment, consumer products, apparel and financial services with companies such as Pepsi-Cola, Joseph Abboud (PE Owned) and KPMG Peat Marwick.

Robert holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science and Math from CUNY - Queens College and speaks fluent Italian.

As VP of Mobile at Gist Dan is at the core of what we do. Dan was writing iOS software before there was an App Store and has over 20 years experience writing Macintosh software.

For the last 4+ years, he's been doing iOS and Mac development for clients ranging from local entrepreneurs to national brands (Sephora, Benefit Cosmetics, Gannett, American Eagle Outfitters).

Prior to working with Gist, Dan was a senior developer at AOL, contributing to many of AOL's Mac and iPhone projects — most notably as co-author of the Apple Design Award-winning "AOL Radio" app. Other projects included AIM for iPhone, Bebo, and several versions of the Mac AOL client. Prior to that he worked on cross-platform graphical toolkits at a Northern Virginia startup."

As head of Gist’s design team, Kelly plays a key role within the organization. His passion for design excellence yields quality and engaging user experiences for our clients.

Kelly is an innovative problem solver with over 20 years of experience leading design teams and creating engaging user experiences. Kelly’s creative work spans mobile, desktop, consumer devices and the web.

Kelly’s experience as a designer started at a video post production house in Washington DC where he was a paintbox artist. From there he moved into interactive television and was introduced to the world of user interface design. Riding the dot com bubble eventually landed Kelly at AOL where he became a lead designer, responsible for IM on AOL Desktop, AIM, and all Mac Applications. Before taking the design helm at Gist Digital Kelly was engaged in designing user experiences for mobile, web, and consumer device applications for companies such as DivX and SignMeUp.com.

Kelly and his wife Susan live with their 5 children in Northern Virginia where he is involved with the youth group at his church.

Oraine(Teco) Bonner - Is a veteran Software Engineer with over 14 years of Full Stack Software Development experience.

Oraine has always been at the forefront of change, technology adoption and implementation. Delivering solutions such as a Web 2.0, UGC feature set for Africana.com, a start-up later purchased by Time Warner. Then joining AOL to help with the migration of it’s content sites to the web at large. Sites, once only available to it’s paying client users. Not stopping there, he was propelled to the title of "Principal Engineer" after proving it was possible to build websites, using the more common Opens Source platforms such as a LAMP stack, and most importantly, the platforms could be built to handle the huge amount of traffic typically generated by AOL's Users.

This success would end up defining work he performed for his latter years at AOL. As a lead, Principal Engineer, he delivered full stack Java solutions, first for the suite of AOL's Lifestyle sites, then for the Homepage(www.aol.com), one of the Internet's most trafficked sites.

While a part of the aol.com team, a lot of the work was key to the success of the business. This work included, but was in no way limited to, the Realtime, User Metrics Implementation used by the editorial staff, to monitor the performance of the content they published. The weather Ingestion Systems, that ingests millions of rows of data in minutes, used to feed weather data to all the AOL Sites.

Today, after more than a decade of leading AOL with technology adoption, and implementation, Oraine is now a member of the Gist Management Team. Leading an organization of extremely talented, and experienced engineers that will be responsible for the Design, Development and Deployment of applications built for our partners.



We offer services that encompass strategy, design, and execution of innovative technology solutions for enterprises, with a particular focus on healthcare, retail, hospitality and sports & entertainment.


    Web & Mobile Strategy

    Technology Evaluation and Innovation

    eCommerce & Mobile Commerce

    Relationship Management

    Business Intelligence & Data Analytic


    Brand Identity

    Web & Mobile Design

    User Experience & User Interface

    Data Model Architecture

    Infrastructure Architecture


    Web & Mobile Development

    Security & Cloud Solutions

    Systems Integration

    Big Data & Predictive Analytics

    Infrastructure & Application Support


Everything we do is guided by a single principle

We call it hands-on innovation

Hands-on innovation means our most senior people are involved at every step of the way. We work closely with our clients in agile, multi-disciplinary teams, taking personal responsibility for each and every part of the design, production, and launch process

We always ask questions that go beyond the brief – knowing that the right solution sometimes means taking a step or two back. We create not just a clear strategy, but also identify potential opportunities that might have been otherwise overlooked. Discovery isn't just something we do at the start of a project – it's a constant, iterative process throughout, ensuring we arrive at the most relevant and cost-effective solution together.




Our team represents experience across a broad range of industries and sectors, including:

Automotive • Human Capital • Sports & Entertainment • Healthcare • Technology • Retail & Fashion • Media • Public Sector • Financial Sector • Travel & Tourism • Consumer Product Goods • Transportation • Manufacturing


We have domain expertise spanning across a wide set of technologies - too many, in fact, to list each example. But if you're interested in a particular platform, get in touch and we'd be pleased to provide case studies


    • iOS
    • Android
    • Windows
    • Blackberry
    • Symbian
    • Mobile Optimized Web
    • JQuery
    • PhoneGap
    • Sencha

    • PHP
    • Django
    • JAVA
    • CSS3
    • JS
    • HTML5
    • Node.JS
    • .Net
    • Ruby on Rails
    • SOLR
    • Backbone.JS
    • Bootstrap
    • Sharepoint
    • Microsoft BI

    • MySQL
    • Oracle
    • SQL
    • Server
    • MongoDB
    • Postgres

    • Hadoop
    • HBase
    • MapReduce
    • Pig
    • Flume
    • Beehive
    • Pentaho
    • Tableau
    • d3.js
    • neo4j

    • AWS (Amazon Web Services)
    • Salesforce
    • Google
    • FireHost
    • Azure

    • Magento
    • OS Commerce
    • Zencart

    • Wordpress
    • Drupal
    • Adobe CQ5

    • Salesforce
    • Oracle
    • SAP
    • Sharepoint


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